Thursday, 21 October 2021

Enterprise Remittance System


is a state-of-the-art solution maximizing the flexibility of use both to the customer as well as the banker. The solution aids in effective and customized interface to the Core Payment System of the bank.


  • Administrative tools to provide smooth flow of remittance payments end-to-end
  • Flexible and can be customized with multiple remittance partners and banking networks
  • Offers customers a broad array of payment methods for transferring funds
  • Operates in a global environment: cross-border, cross-currency

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Banking Information System


BANK INFORMATION SYSTEM is an innovative solution to automate central bank reporting requirements.

Other Functions/Benefits

  • Removes the monotony of labour-intensive manual report preparation and data entry errors
  • Facilitates reconciliation of report data to source systems and various audit reports for all summary reports
  • Creates reports other than regulatory reports such as Head Office reporting
  • Generates statistical reports for all kinds of activities supported by charts/graphs
  • Generates risk and credit monitoring reports
  • Creates outstanding and monitoring reports for efficient operations

Key Technical Features of Control Reports

  • Designated to Download data from any back-end system and upload to Report tables using SSIS (MSSQL)
  • Ease of use as system plugs into Crystal Reports, reporting tool for generation of reports
  • Extensive database programming for better performance
  • Independent of any programming languages/tools
  • User Access level defined through a group access profile; uses Single Sign On (SSO) authentication
  • Menu-driven Rerun process for report generation
  • End-to-End automation of daily data uploads and report generation process
  • Developed using .NET/MSSQL database/Crystal reports
  • Designed to run on any version of Windows Platform

Tuesday, 4 May 2021




  • Web-based portal
  • Customers have the facility to apply for Demand Draft/Telegraphic Transfer instrument or Direct Credit
  • The system involves the integration of eNETS – the payment gateway facility for online payment by the customer applying for the Instruments


  • Allow registered customers to apply DD/TT or Direct Credit
  • Direct Credit to CBS Branches in India by predefined online remittance encrypted file format and integration with Finacle
  • Online Payment facility (eNETS Direct Debit)
  • Allow customer to view transactional history
  • View Exchange Rate for the day
  • Facility to locate bank’s branches (branch locator)
  • Fast and Easy Access
  • Secured SSL Access


  • 24/7 Online Service to customers
  • Value added service to existing customers
  • New market segment – Internet savvy high networth professionals
  • Convenience of use will result to increases in repetitive business transactions/remittances
  • Easy back office procedures
  • Opportunity to introduce new online services – e.g. Bill payments

Monday, 3 May 2021

Software Development


Integratech delivers cost-effective custom software development designed to suit specific customer requirements in various industries.

We scrutinize client requirements, recommend the most apt solution, implement timely, and provide efficient technical support.

With vast experience in providing software solutions using proven methodologies, we ensure customers high-quality solutions and service.


What we do :

Custom enterprise applications
Web apps
Mobile apps
Kiosk apps
Desktop apps 


Microsoft Certification :

Silver in Application Development
Silver in Data Platform

Monday, 19 April 2021





 Integratech Pte Ltd Established in 2003 with Headquarters in Singapore, specializes in delivering innovative customized and Industry standard web based enterprise solutions using the latest best proven practices. The talented designers and developers who have come together to form Integratech, have been delivering web based solutions in Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Maritime, Retail & Trade industries in South Asia and ASEAN countries.

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Business Partner



We have strategic alliances with leading technology solution providers, developers and renowned business entities to offer integrated solutions, turnkey services and world-class products to our global clientele.

These partnerships have also evolved over the years and have ensured synergistic relationships that add great value to the business.