Thursday, 19 April 2018

Mobile Remittance System

Mobile Remittance System(mRemit)

  • Mobile remittance software that works with a handheld terminal device
  • Real-time synchronization of transactions made at remote worksite locations to the host back office system
  • Complete and reliable security features and authentication ensuring secured transaction
  • Easy to use interface
  • Faster user identification
  • 2nd level authentication
  • Receipt for acknowledgement
  • Cashless payment
  • Flexible ways of communication

Kiosk Remittance System

  • A remittance application installed in kiosk terminals providing an alternative channel to serve customers
  • Solution to ease out long queues over the counter
  • Offers user-friendly interface and efficient processing of remittance
  • Customer Registration Screen for remittance
  • Apply Instruments (DD/TT/Direct Credit)
  • Option to show the previous 10 transactions
  • Integration with the Local Payment Gateway (NETS)
  • Integration with Enterprise Remittance System  

Enterprise Remittance System

Enterprise Remittance System

is a state-of-the-art solution maximizing the flexibility of use both to the customer as well as the banker. The solution aids in effective and customized interface to the Core Payment System of the bank.


  • Administrative tools to provide smooth flow of remittance payments end-to-end
  • Flexible and can be customized with multiple remittance partners and banking networks
  • Offers customers a broad array of payment methods for transferring funds
  • Operates in a global environment: cross-border, cross-currency

Banking Information Systems

BANK INFORMATION SYSTEM is an innovative solution to automate central bank reporting requirements.
Other Functions/Benefits
  • Removes the monotony of labour-intensive manual report preparation and data entry errors
  • Facilitates reconciliation of report data to source systems and various audit reports for all summary reports
  • Creates reports other than regulatory reports such as Head Office reporting
  • Generates statistical reports for all kinds of activities supported by charts/graphs
  • Generates risk and credit monitoring reports
  • Creates outstanding and monitoring reports for efficient operations

Key Technical Features of Control Reports

  • Designated to Download data from any back-end system and upload to Report tables using SSIS (MSSQL)
  • Ease of use as system plugs into Crystal Reports, reporting tool for generation of reports
  • Extensive database programming for better performance
  • Independent of any programming languages/tools
  • User Access level defined through a group access profile; uses Single Sign On (SSO) authentication
  • Menu-driven Rerun process for report generation
  • End-to-End automation of daily data uploads and report generation process
  • Developed using .NET/MSSQL database/Crystal reports
  • Designed to run on any version of Windows Platform

Integratech Profile

Established in 2003 with headquarters in Singapore, Integratech specializes in delivering innovative, customized, and international-standard web-based enterprise solutions to Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Maritime, Retail and Trade.

To create world-class products to address the Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Maritime, Retail and Trading Services.

INTEGRATECH has developed and established a product portfolio with high standards of technological excellence. We apply rigorous and proven product development framework that enable us to deliver any product in sync with client’s requirements.

INTEGRATECH’s strength has always been its superior research and development capabilities. Constant investments for technology advancement have paid off for the division. The products have not only met global standards but also managed to stand out for their purposeful innovativeness.

INTEGRATECH has skilled software development team with specialization in Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, Java, J2EE, MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL.