Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mobile Loan Management System


  • works with a handheld terminal device
  • real-time synchronization of loan repayment collections recorded at HHT to the host back-office system
  • complete and reliable security features and authentication assuring secured transaction
  • provides actual loan repayments, balance mortgage and the loan closing cycle details


To provide means for the Loan Officer to register new members by recording their personal and financial information into a Mobile Channel. The registration details must then be communicated back to the Branch Office.


To provide a way for the Loan Officer to disburse the approved loan to the registered members using a Mobile Channel. The disbursement confirmation must be communicated back to the Branch Office.


To provide a way for the Loan Officer to collect dues from the Registered Members using a Mobile Channel. The collection details must be communicated back to the Branch Office.

Online Remittance System


  • Web-based portal
  • Customers have the facility to apply for Demand Draft/Telegraphic Transfer instrument or Direct Credit
  • The system involves the integration of eNETS – the payment gateway facility for online payment by the customer applying for the Instruments


  • Allow registered customers to apply DD/TT or Direct Credit
  • Direct Credit to CBS Branches in India by predefined online remittance encrypted file format and integration with Finacle
  • Online Payment facility (eNETS Direct Debit)
  • Allow customer to view transactional history
  • View Exchange Rate for the day
  • Facility to locate bank’s branches (branch locator)
  • Fast and Easy Access
  • Secured SSL Access


  • 24/7 Online Service to customers
  • Value added service to existing customers
  • New market segment – Internet savvy high networth professionals
  • Convenience of use will result to increases in repetitive business transactions/remittances
  • Easy back office procedures
  • Opportunity to introduce new online services – e.g. Bill payments

Deal Ticket Processing System

The system provides a single, global store of all deals transacted in the Foreign Exchange and other financial markets. It accepts confirmed deal data via the Reuters Ticket Output Feed (TOF).

The system captures all conversations and deal tickets and reports those conversations that don’t have a Deal Ticket generated.
Deal Ticket PRO will be of interest to organizations wishing to:
  • Consolidate back office operations
  • Improve back office efficiency (through integration/automation)
  • Automatic creation of Deal Register Entries
  • Introduce fast detection of out trades

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Improves security during Login
  • Provides second-layer security at Login
  • Customer will Login using User ID and Password
  • One time additional Login PIN (OLP) is generated and sent to customer’s mobile phone via SMS
  • OLP is valid for single instance only and time-based

Anti Money Laundering System

  • Facility for Back Office Integration with other Banking Software Applications
  • Fast and Easy Implementation
  • Reduction in operating costs due to system automation
  • Works in LAN environment – multiple user access

  • Database containing the list of Nationals and Blocked persons as per OFAC list
  • Search facility – by name, alphabets, identification no., etc.
  • Exact name word matching
  • A.K.A. matching
  • Manual update facility
  • OFAC Connector – to connect and download SND List automatically
  • OFAC List – file upload facility to the AML Master database
  • Access privileges – user permission definable